Donnerstag, 10. November 2016

The shattered World Vol.3

As of yesterday you can go and get a first draft of the thrid installment of The shattered World over at DriveThruFiction. Five more chapters weighing in at slightly more than sixthousand words once again. It is available as PWYW, just like the earlier installments. Head over to the shop, get it and read some more about Haruo's an Rie's adventures in the virtual world.

Or if you are new to the series you could start with the first volume instead, available as PWYW as well. If you are at it, leave a comment, it would be highly appreciated!

The shattered World Vol.3

Now that I have started writing the fourth volume I am wondering if I should put a little RPG supplement with the rules and some setting basics out there as well. As it is MMO oriented it probably would be math heavy. Not necessarily hard to understand, but more something for players that like to crunch numbers and not those more in favor of narrative play. Any thoughts?

Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016

OpenD6 Locations

My last post regarding OpenD6 already indicated that I am a bit torn if I should continue writing for it. This is still the case, I have published two new little OpenD6 supplements since then anyway. Instead of Spellbooks these were locations with a little plot hook attached. Both are connected to Red Pinnacle, which I introduced in an earlier installment of the series.

The first new location was a Secret Storeroom hidden in the rock under the town. The second was The Deep Well, anotehr location hidden even deeper in the cisterns of Red Pinnacle. Both are tied to the eldritch Terror that struck the town hard more than a decade ago.

Secret Storeroom

The Deep Well

Both come with a little flavour text and some monster stats as well as a basic map to give you an idea what the place looks like. Haven't checked it out yet? You should! Both supplements are available as PayWhatYouWant!

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016

The Shattered World Vol.2

As of yesterday you can go and get a first draft of the seccond installment of The Shattered World over at DriveThruFiction. Five more chapters weighing in at slightly more than five thousand words once again. It is available as PWYW once again. Head over to the shop, get it and read some more about Haruo's adventures in the virtual world.

Montag, 26. September 2016

The Shattered World

Some time ago I posted a first LitRPG experiment over on DriveThruFiction. Mirage was intended to be slightly more adult themed than I was in the comfortable with. Note, I don't mind writing adult themed fiction, but in the end it didn't feel right for this story. Thus I decided to start over. I still very much like the LitRPG genre after all. The result this time around is The Shattered World. A different story with different formatting taking a different approach.

Virtual Reality games are the new mainstay of the industry. Today Haruo takes his first steps into a new VRMMORPG, as The Shattered World launches. Watch him struggle as he chooses his path in a world unlike any he has seen before.

Once again you can get this little morsel over at DriveThruFiction. And once again it is available as PayWhatYouWant. To be honest, it has been available for about a month. Shame on me for not writing a blog entry about it any sooner. Head over! Give it a try! Leave a comment!

Samstag, 24. September 2016

Another batch of OpenD6 supplements

Continueing where I left off with my last post. Some of the PDFs introcduced here actually aren't all that new, since it has been a while since my last post. I announced Miracles of the Devourer last time. Well, it has been out since the 29th of August. Another little spellbook, the Apprentice's Spellbook of the Living Dead, saw the light of day since then as well.

Apprentice's Spellbook of the Living Dead

Another litte PDF in the line, the Raven Witch's Grimoire, is bound to hit the store soon as well.On a more sombre note, it might just be the last release in this line, at least for a while. The interrest so far was pretty limited and the PWYW approach is not working terribly well either. Add a lack of feedback, here or on DriveThruRPG, and I get the impression that it won't be worth my time to continue this line.

Raven Witch's Grimoire (Coming Soon)

I'm not giving up on OpenD6, and these fanatsy releases for it, yet though. Maybe I'll write a little adventure for it instead of just adding a plothook or two in the supplements as I have so far. Maybe that will draw more interrest? I doubt that I will get around to it soo nthough. First I want to give a Sci-Fi setting for OpenD6 a try.

Dienstag, 16. August 2016

More OpenD6 Spellbooks

Keeping in line with my last posts, this one is about some new Spellbooks for my line of OpenD6 RPG supplements as well. The first new spellbook, the Apprentice's Spellbook of Voicless Whispers is available Through DriveThruRPG and related shop sites since the 15th of August. The next release in the line will be Miracles of the Devourer, a little something intended mostly for dreadful NPCs.

Miracles Of The Devourer (Coming soon)

Montag, 11. Juli 2016

More OpenD6 Releases

My last post was about a new line of OpenD6 rPG supplements. Well, I have been doing some more writing, continueing that new line. The first new supplement, the Hedge Wizard Apprentice's Spellbook, was released on DriveThruRPG on the 4th of July and just recently I finished writing the next one about The Red Pinnacle. And to keep going I am now working on another kind of Spellbook, Miracles Of The Sleeper.

Red Pinnacle (Coming Soon)

Miracles Of The Sleeper