Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Inauguration Post

Well, I finally came around to set up a little blog, expanding my webpresence yet another little bit.

What will this blog be about? If you weren't able to guess by the title, it will be for the better part about tabletop roleplaying games. Although I might make one or another short excursion into 3d design. To be fair I have to admit, that I do most of my 3d modeling for my RPG releases though.

I started designing content and supplements for RPGs August 2011 and you should be able to find all the fruits of my labor over at DriveThruRPG (see the link in the sidebar to go to my publisher page). For the better part these are system independent products like maps and a few collections of stock renders. But if you look closely enough you will be able to find products published under the 4E GSL and the Traveller Logo License as well.

Only recently I decided to expand my portfolio a bit and make some of the 3d models I created available through TurboSquid (once again, see the appropriate link to the right). The portfolio is still small, but I hope to expand it as I go.

That's it for a short introduction. For more short term news follow me on Twitter. Next Blog post might be about my submission for this year's ENnie Award and just maybe the ENnies in general.

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