Freitag, 20. April 2012

One Page Dungeon & ENnies 2012

Earlier this month, while following tweets and reading newsletters, two interresting things came to my attention. As the title suggests these were the One Page Dungeon Contest and the 2012 ENnies. In a spout of momentary enthusiasm I decided to submit entries for both. Writing a one page dungeon and doing some editing for one of your products at DriveThruRPG, couldn't be too hard after all. By now I know better. Still things are looking good.

Just a few moments ago I uploaded the revised version of "Forge of the Primordials" to DriveThruRPG and sent notifications to previous customers. Most of the work went into replacing the maps provided with versions of a higher resolution and with better contrast, to make sure they look decent when printed. Of course a multitude of typos and other small errors were corrected as well.

This experimental 4E D&D Raid Dungeon Delve will be my entry for the 2012 ENnie Awards. As mentioned in my author's notes I'm still very much open for feedback that could be incorporated into this product or into future Raid Dungeon Delves.

Next on the list would be my submission for the One Page Dungeon contest. This one is not quite as far along, but still making decent progress. By now the maps are mostly finished (they still need to be scanned and cleaned up a bit) and I have written a few short paragraphs of background info. the biggest challange remaining will be to fit this all and at least a short textual description of the map onto a single page and make it look good.

Early, unfinished version of the map for the One Page Dungeon

I guess this is enough rambling on my part for the moment. How is this for a "real" blog post? Any suggestions? More contests you could bring to my attention? Go ahead and let me know.

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