Montag, 28. Mai 2012

"Fire!" and "4E Mechs"

Just in my last post I mentioned 4E GSL projects i'm currently working on. I thought I'd keep you updated on those. While I made no progress on the tower defense module I got a tentative cover for "Fire!", a modular non combat side track done. Have a look at a low resolution preview.

Tentative cover for "Fire!" a short 4E module

I mentioned at one point or another, probably on twitter, that I was sadened that WotC never published a 4E version (or any other update) of their D20 Modern line. While I don't think I'll take on a challenge of that scope I'm tempted to produce a little supplement with 4E Mechs, possibly both as gear and as opponents. Have a look at a little Mech I recently modeled. The model is up for sale at Turbosquid.

A possible 4E GSL Mech?

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