Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Maps and other Works in Progress

August 2011 I started publishing battlemaps. By now I am working on map number eighty three, to be released later this week. If I keep going like that i'll soon hit the 100 mark. Quite a surprise for me as I started with a list of about 20 ideas I could turn into maps. As the months passed this list didn't shrink in the slightest although I crossed out one idea after another. Today this list contains no less than fourty six potential map themes. Given my current pace that translates to about another six months of map making, in the unlikely case I have no more spontanous ideas which will add to that list.

So for my maps have been a wild mix of fantasy and modern maps. And it looks like it will stay that way. Although I currently prefere the modern maps for some reason. Maybe because there are a lot more maps suitable for fantasy setting out there than maps that can be used for a modern, Sci-Fi or steampunk game. How do you feel about that?

The title already hints at it, I want to talk not only about maps but about other things currently in production as well. These things are modules for 4E D&D and some more Traveller compatible game supplements. For the later I want to finally finish my update for the Pirate Interceptor, a little starship splatbook that has had more downloads than I initially expected even for a free product. And closely tied to this would be a few more pirate themed starship & locations I want to release. The biggest probelm with that? I seem to be terrible at penning or rendering deck plans. Still you will yet see the converted pirate mining barge, a pirate terror ship, the derelict treasure ship and a small pirate base.

In regard to 4E I'm currently working on another unconventional adventure. Or rather a short modular sidetrack with the working title "Fire!" that will be skill use and roleplay heavy.  Don't expect too much combat from this. It is not directly inspired by this Blog post from critical-hits.com, but it sums up how I want to go about writing this module quite nicely. If this works out you can expect more unconventional challenges like this in the fututre, because Roleplay should be about more than combat.

Another idee that has been spooking around my head for a while is a 4E defense style game. I did some preliminary renders for it. Although this idea with the tentative title "Defense of Caer Usk" still needs a lot more thought and work you can have a look at them:

Tentative Observation Tower & Mortar Tower

I imagine the mechanics of 4E should fit this style of game pretty well. Pick your class, be a builder of one kind or another. Move about the map and place your defenses. Defeat wave after wave of assailants. Quickly level up by picking your builder powers. Etc. etc.  Your thoughts?

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