Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Adventure Mapping

I talked about my project "Fire!" a few times already. It is still going slow. Especially writing up extensive NPC descriptions (descriptions, not combat stat blocks!) is taking quite some time. But I think every character worth mentioning deserves a good description and some decent back ground story.

But that is not what I want to detail today. I migth do it another time though. Today I want totalk about maps. For this project I originally decided to go with hand drawn maps. I had them pretty much sketched and then decided to redo them. Noticing some problems with stairs and chimneys prompted me to do that. I will most likely include them as simple blind floor plans, for handouts.

I have been hanging out at the Cartographers' Guild lately though. And some of the genius work posted there by others has sparked a bit of ambition within me. Among other things it made me rediscover the isometric perspective for myself. Thus the idea was born to add the maps in another format for the game master, although there is nothing to stop a game mast from sharing these maps with his players. Not quite as a classical isometric map, but I like how it has started to turn out.

"Fire!" map prototype

Obviously the maps are not finished yet. I still need to redo two more floorplans. And the ones I used as textures for this snapshot still need to be inked and/or digitally cleaned up. For the final version each floor will probably get its own page sized high resolution render.

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