Samstag, 2. Juni 2012

One Page Dungeon, 4E "Fire!" and Hyperlinking

First of the results for the One Page Dungeon Contest are out. I would link directly, but it seems their page is currently down. For the time being have a look at the list of winners at Alex Schröder's blog. Sadly I didn't win anything, although honestly I didn't really expect to. Anyway I had a ton of fun creating my little entry and I shall try again for the next contest. Until then, heartfelt congratulations to all the winners.

In other news, I managed to finish my next map (due on Monday the 4th of June) a few days early. This gives me time to do some serious writing for my next 4E short adventure "Fire!". I already posted the current cover in my last blog post and by now I have sketches for half the maps finished as well. For a change they will be hand drawn maps and among them will be not a single battle map.

Writing this adventure is an entirely new challenge for me. Besides constructing a plot without railroading players and game masters the biggest challenge is completely hyperlinking the module. Something that almost instantly wins my favor when I read some one else's adventures or rule books. Mention a rule? Hyperlink it. Mention a side bar? Hyperlink it. Mention a location? Hyperlink! Mention a NPC? Hyperlink it! This sounds easy enough, but by now I know why not more writers do it. It is quite a chore, even if you do it from the start. Still, if you have the chance to do it you really should. I am certain just about any game master will thank you for it. Or at least that is my opinion. How do you feel about that?

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