Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

Anniversaries & Space Ships

It seems that ever so slowly I'm approaching the 100th map aniversary. In addition it is almost a year since I uploaded the first of those maps to DriveThruRPG on August 1st in 2011. Current plans include the release of an aniversary mapas the 100th map the last week of July. Just not sure yet what the theme of that map will be.

Until then the month's schedule will include the release of at least one more Traveller compatible space ship. For a change not a pirate ship, but possibly a rewarding mark for a pirate. Here is a quick preview of the Work in Progress Cover:

Yacht Cover Preview

"Fire!", the adventure module I'm currently working on is not making as much progress as I would have liked. Writing elaborate character and location descriptions is taking longer than I like. It doesn't help that I tend to make adjustments to the maps and the plot time and again. Trying to keep that plot non linear is no picnic either. Still it is growing page by page. Expect an update on its maps soon at the very least.

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