Samstag, 4. August 2012

More Mecha & Spaceships

Mecha and spacships. Aside from regular battlemaps these will feature prominently during August. The battlemaps for August will mostly be dungeon themed, as were the last few releases in that line, like the free anniversary Cretan Laybrinth. Some will be about rather stereotypical square or rectangular rooms. Others will feature more exciting special rooms of various kinds. Together they should enable any game master to build exciting dungeons.

A short while ago I announced my interest in releasing a 4E Mecha product. As you might have been able to guess I decided against a 4E release in the end. Instead I decided to release a pack of stockart renders of Mecha. Plans for August 2012 include a follow up on this release with more stock renders of slightly more modern Mecha. Have a sneak peek at the cover:

Cover for Stockart : Mecha 2

Curiously enough my first Traveller compatible starship booklets did take off quite well. As a result I'll follow them up with a few more. Currently under production is a naval fuel tender. Designing this ship I came to understand why there are comparatively few capital ships for Mongoose Traveller. Designing deck plans for them, even simpliefied ones like mine, is quite a challenge. I might just go back to smaller ships for most future releases in this line. Unless there is popular demand for more capital ships. Another cover to give you a glimpse at things to come:

Cover : Starships Book I00 Fuel Tender

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