Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Spaceship Design still going strong

Just the other day I tweeted about the next Traveller compatible spaceship in the design queue giving me a bit of trouble. The craft in question is supposed to be some kind of maintainance tug. And it is supposed to match the look of the last few ships I released. It is not proving to be an easy task to match up design and purpose. Here is a little snapshot of the current look:

Maintainance tug snapshot

Even if I am not quite happy with its overall look, I have to admit that I am rather fond of its grappling arms. Of course the design is still very much a work in progress and may yet drastically change.

This small, or not so small craft together with the shuttles and the fighter craft released recently are supposed to go on the equipment list of a larger ship, a capital cruise ship, the design of which has been spooking around the back of my mind for a while now. I might just complete my series of pirate ships first though. That one is still lacking a pirate terror ship, most likely with an ortillery spinal mount, and a nice, probably derelict, treasure ship.

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