Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Yet more Traveller Spaceships

I mentioned the possibility of creating 3d dungeontile models for 3d printing in the last blog post. Right now I am still working on that idea, but I'm only making slow progress. Designing 3d models for print is a bit more demanding than designing models for renders. Thus I am currently only working on the second basic tile. Someone over at the Cartographers' Guild mentioned the possibility of using the printed tiles as masters. Anyone willing to share more thoughts and ideas on that? Anyway I'll get back to that topic once I managed to get a set of basic tiles finished.

In the meantime other things take up a lot of my time. Regular battle map releases and of course designing Traveller compatible spaceships. After the last free release in the latter line I am working on some more spaceship ideas. Right now I have one ship almost finished. Here is a quick snapshot for you:
Spaceship Work in Progress Snapshot

A rather simple design on first glance. Feel free to guess at its weigth class and or purpose. It is due to be released next monday. Of course I'm trying to design more complex space ship models as well. Here are two more snapshots featuring components to be used on the next ship to be released after the one featured above:

Triple Barrel Beam Turret (WIP)

Heat Shield (WIP)

Most future releases in the line will probably be either regular space and starships or small craft. If a particular idea strikes me I might slip in a captial ship or two though. These will remain the exception from the rule though as designing them is a bit more of a hassle. Especially as I have resolved to try and add more detail to my ship designs.

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