Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

What would space marines do with trademarks?

Just a short while ago I stumbled over the issue of Games Workshop's "Space Marine" trademark bullying. (Details on the case can be found here or on any one of a dozen news posts and blogs best found by the search engine of your choice). It might not exactly be "news" anymore, but it disturbed me non the less. At first I was speechless, now I am not anymore. I have lost all kind of respect for several companies over this kind of thing before. I'll now add Games Workshop to the list. Note, that I don't dislike trademarks in general, but acquiring a trademark on a term used in popular culture for more than eighty years? No, just no ... Whoever issued GW the trademarks in question. You should be ashamed. Very much so.

Anyway, a lot of people have already said a lot  about the case. Some of those comments are way more qualified than anything I could say, but I am not in the mood to stay quite. This kind of trademark bullying outrages me, not only as a creator of various content but as a customer as well. I am right now seriously ashamed that I ever bought products belonging to any of their merchandises. Sadly I can't undo my actions, but I can make sure not to repeat them. I best remove all remaining GW related products from my Amazon wish list (among others) right away*. Something you might consider doing as well, if you are similarly upset (power of the customer).

In the meantime maybe someone in the US could petition the white house to put some marines into space. I'm sure there is a free room or two on ISS. You know just to let the guys at GW know what space marines are really about? Any takers for the idea?You could of course do anything else legal to let Games Workshop know your displeasure. But, like M.C.A. Hogarth asked, be polite about it. Just don't be silent.

* of course I know that this decision to not buy products associated with their brands anymore might also hurt other companies who work under license. But I don't feel at fault for that at all.