Dienstag, 16. April 2013


Today must be my birthday or Christmas day or both. That is how I feel anyway after the mailman dropped of a nice little parcel from Reaper Miniatures at my doorstep. Of course it did not arrive without warning, after all I received a shipping notice not too long ago. Still I was left speechless for a moment. Then I started opening that little package of miniature goodness, only remembering to get my camera at the last moment. After all I think I should share some unboxing snapshots. Here are the first few:

Box in a box. A classic. Did that to my sister as well last christams.

Packed to the brim, almost overflowing.

Spilling the innards. Some of them anywy ...

Wow! I only opened two of the bags inside the box so far. And I think I might not have enough desk space available to arrange them all once I'm done unpacking. I will try anyway for one final snapshot. Until then I must say that I am mighty glad to have participated in Reaper's Kickstarter.

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