Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

News on 3d Dungeon Tiles

Some time late alst year I wrote a short blog post about designing dungeon tiles for 3d print. Some time has passed and a few things happened since then. For one I learned that designing for 3d print is not quite easy, and you can't really design for 3d print in general. The type of printer to be used is not quite unimportant. This alon would not deter me though. On the other hand I decided against setting up an account with a 3d print service as I wouldn't be able to earn even moderate fees without making the tiles downright unaffordable.

I still haven't quite given up on the idea though. Instead of selling 3d prints I decided to make the 3d files available through my account at Turbosquid. I still don't earn a whole lot this way, but it gives people the chance to get the files for the tiles they want at a moderate fee and adapt them however they see fit. The files are provided in .blend format as I am not sure they could be easily edited if in SLT format. Currently there are only four Tiles up, but I have a few ideas for more and am open for idea. 

If there is indeed demand for the files in SLT format or a format suited for 3d modeling software other than Blender let me know and I will try to add these. Until then have a look at some snapshots (available as preview images at as well).

Dungeon Tiles (with wire frame mesh overlay)