Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Mirage - A LitRPG experiment

 ... Oh! What a dusty little blog. High time to give it some attention ...

A little while ago I stumbled across something new, new to me at last, the LitRPG genre. I feel a little ashamed for not being aware of it before, but I guess it is a phenomenon much more widely spread in eastern culture than in western culture. If you are not familiar with the term, Nathan Woodbury has an article on his blog that should get you up to date on the general idea.

Well, anyway, for a little while now I have been exploring the genre, reading various stories of equally varied origin. Some I liked, some not so much. And although some very few came really close, none matched what I wanted exactly. What to do? Well, I could have kept scouring the depths of the internet for ever more stories, hoping that someone out there had already written exactly the story I wanted to read. Not very likely. Instead I started writing a story of my own.

 The first version of the cover featured considerably less clothing

Not quite a week ago I put up a first teaser for download on DriveThruFiction. Mirage - Your place in the world, is a fairly typical start for a LitRPG story I'd imagine, but to be sure, maybe you should check it out and tell me? Maybe you could give some general feedback? I'd greatly appreciate it. If you want to see it continued, you could download it for more than $0 (it is available as PWYW) as well. For now, have a another teaser, the first character sheet ...

Best thing about new characters? All that room for improvements!