Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

New line of RPG supplements

With recent changes in the Licensing for Mongoose Traveller I decided to go and look for a different Rule System to use for my RPG projects, at least for the time being. Writing RPG supplemets using someone elses rules under one licens or another is always tricky. Is the rules set suitable for what you want to do? Do the license terms match your expectations?

I looked at plenty of RPG rule sets and their licensing terms, but in the end the decision was made when I read a news posts about Nocturnal Media acquiring West End Games and the effect of this deal on something colledOpenD6. The system is easy to understand in general (but offers some opportunity for crunchy math) and the OGL is, even after years, still a pretty good license. Best of all I can use OpenD6 as an engine for fantasy, modern or Sci Fi projects with equal ease.

Well, I decided to start off with a fantasy project. A line of short supplemets introducing a setting piece by piece, which could be adapted to the purchasers own setting without too much troubel as well though. By now the first two PDFs are up on DriveThruRPG, so you can go and get a first hand impression of your own. For the time being I'll finish the next installment in the new line. Maybe I'll even try my hand at some Sci Fi. I kind of miss designing space ships and drafting up game stats for them after all.

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