Montag, 26. September 2016

The Shattered World

Some time ago I posted a first LitRPG experiment over on DriveThruFiction. Mirage was intended to be slightly more adult themed than I was in the comfortable with. Note, I don't mind writing adult themed fiction, but in the end it didn't feel right for this story. Thus I decided to start over. I still very much like the LitRPG genre after all. The result this time around is The Shattered World. A different story with different formatting taking a different approach.

Virtual Reality games are the new mainstay of the industry. Today Haruo takes his first steps into a new VRMMORPG, as The Shattered World launches. Watch him struggle as he chooses his path in a world unlike any he has seen before.

Once again you can get this little morsel over at DriveThruFiction. And once again it is available as PayWhatYouWant. To be honest, it has been available for about a month. Shame on me for not writing a blog entry about it any sooner. Head over! Give it a try! Leave a comment!

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