Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016

OpenD6 Locations

My last post regarding OpenD6 already indicated that I am a bit torn if I should continue writing for it. This is still the case, I have published two new little OpenD6 supplements since then anyway. Instead of Spellbooks these were locations with a little plot hook attached. Both are connected to Red Pinnacle, which I introduced in an earlier installment of the series.

The first new location was a Secret Storeroom hidden in the rock under the town. The second was The Deep Well, anotehr location hidden even deeper in the cisterns of Red Pinnacle. Both are tied to the eldritch Terror that struck the town hard more than a decade ago.

Secret Storeroom

The Deep Well

Both come with a little flavour text and some monster stats as well as a basic map to give you an idea what the place looks like. Haven't checked it out yet? You should! Both supplements are available as PayWhatYouWant!

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