Donnerstag, 10. November 2016

The shattered World Vol.3

As of yesterday you can go and get a first draft of the thrid installment of The shattered World over at DriveThruFiction. Five more chapters weighing in at slightly more than sixthousand words once again. It is available as PWYW, just like the earlier installments. Head over to the shop, get it and read some more about Haruo's an Rie's adventures in the virtual world.

Or if you are new to the series you could start with the first volume instead, available as PWYW as well. If you are at it, leave a comment, it would be highly appreciated!

The shattered World Vol.3

Now that I have started writing the fourth volume I am wondering if I should put a little RPG supplement with the rules and some setting basics out there as well. As it is MMO oriented it probably would be math heavy. Not necessarily hard to understand, but more something for players that like to crunch numbers and not those more in favor of narrative play. Any thoughts?

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